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About XMart Power Electric

Finding Inspiration in Every Installation

As a residential electrician, I was always able to solve the small projects that came up in my neighborhood. With time, the jobs got bigger and we were able to take on small commercial jobs allowing us to specialize and grow into a competitive business.


We offer complete commercial electrical services including the design, installation, and testing of electrical systems. Our experienced staff includes electricians, project managers, engineers, and general contractors who take pride in the quality of their work.

We are known for our commitment to excellent customer service, kindness, and professionalism. As a growing company with a vision for success, and also believe that our employees are our greatest asset, we are always looking forward to satisfying our customers by providing affordable services. We have bast experience in all kinds of areas in which we have worked from simple rewiring to complex electrical installations, from pilot light installation to industrial services.

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